Ruta de As Insuas do Miño




Small circular route of an approximate length of 5 km and little difficulty. Part of the left bank of the river Miño, at the foot of “A Ponte Vella”, a wonderful medieval bridge built with nine arches ojivales, where we also find a recreational area, and the banks of the Miño will follow the path upstream, enjoying a spectacular Landscape of riverside vegetation in the shade of willows, ash trees, birches, oaks …
The route allows to know some of these islands, such as “Ínsua de Abaixo”, “Ínsua de San Roque”, “Ínsua de Trabanca”, whose interiors can be traversed thanks to the catwalks and small wooden bridges that allow to connect the islands with the two Edges.
In the channel of the river is frequent the presence of multiple aquatic plants and varied fauna.
The path is well preserved and has the appropriate signage and interpretive panels along the route that allow you to know the flora, fauna, habitats, water landscape and the “Terras do Miño” Biosphere Reserve

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4.5 km.

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